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Why buy online?

The main findings of the previous study (Danish Association of Electronic Commerce, 1999) about people who bought on the Internet are:

  • The comfort and ease of use are the main reasons for shopping on the Internet.
  • Buyers buy only 5% of the time they visit a website, the remaining time is spent to purchase additional tasks. Facilitate product search, price comparisons, or other complementary tasks are an important part of the buying process can convert visitors into loyal users.
  • Other reasons for buying online are speed, efficiency and enjoyment of online shopping.
  • Users will also appreciate the positive online shopping, detailed information about the products and the absence of pressure the seller (39%).

In conclusion, people buy from home because it is more comfortable and have more freedom. If these are the strong points of purchase on the Internet, are to be strengthened. However, they are often neglected sites creating complex processes of buying or continuous pressure to buy. Eliminate the advantages of Internet for electronic commerce is to invite the user to leave the site and continue with the traditional physical purchase.
The loyalty of users and the cost of change

A good website should be able to provide a good shopping experience for users to cause their return.

img weeb beleza shoesThe element that determines the essential difference between the loyalty of consumers on the Internet and the physical world is the "cost of change", ie what it costs to go from a vendor or service provider to another.

In the physical world the cost of change is high, it implies a shift, drive or take a shuttle to the school, enter and walk inside. Therefore leaving a property and go to another has a cost that does not always worthwhile deal. On the Internet, however, the cost of change is low, they say that "competition is just a click away."

Studies show low consumer tolerance to the difficulties of learning design or web sites, to low speed of the pages or in general to any problem in your navigation. An error in the design, coupled with the ease of finding another supplier may generate loss of half of sales.

Registration procedures used to develop user profiles that allow customization of the page to suit the user has little effect on loyalty. Generally these procedures are completed only by users and loyal.

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